Vascular Lesions

Vascular lesions are small dilated blood vessels or an inflammatory condition underneath the surface of the skin. Thread veins (telangiectasia), port wine stains, redness (rosacea) and spider veins (naevi) are amongst the most common cosmetic concerns.

Vascular lesions can be caused by many factors such as allergies, lifestyle and environmental damage such as sun exposure, alcohol and smoking.

Imperfections on your skin can affect self-esteem and can be irritating when they change a person's appearance noticeably. But these changes need not be permanent.

Laser and light based treatments can safely and effectively treat vascular lesions. Treatments are non-invasive and require minimal downtime.

Silk Skin Laser Care Clinic is able to treat with the safest and most effective methods the most common cases of vascular lesions affecting your skin, namely:

Rosacea / Redness
Thread Veins