Skin Rejuvenation & Tightening

The effects of ageing, stress and lifestyle can cause our skin to lose its natural volume and shape. The surface of the skin will loosen when supportive tissue structures lose their inner integrity. Silk Skin Laser Care Clinic offers the latest treatments for skin rejuvenation to help dramatically reduce the signs of ageing and help restore, rejuvenate and rehydrate the most important part of your body.

With conditions ranging from lines, unevenness and wrinkles on the face, eyes and neck to loose and sagging skin, people often feel their physical appearance is at odds with how they otherwise feel.

Using only the very latest technologies, in combinations designed specifically for each patient, Silk Skin Laser Care Clinic is at the forefront of non-invasive skin rejuvenation and able to help patients achieve the look and the results they want.

This is not an unrealistic quest for perfection; it is about making subtle improvements to your appearance and restore your inner confidence, outer beauty and youth.

Before Skin Rejuvenation Treatment
After Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

Frequently asked questions about skin rejuvenation & tightening treatment

How does the treatment work?

Precisely controlled short pulses of light are released that target colour discolouration to create a more youthful and even complexion. This light also results in the stimulation of fibroblast cells, leading to increased production of new collagen and elastin. This improves the texture so the skin, evening out lumps and bumps whilst reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

How is the treatment carried out?

A laser and light applicator is placed onto the skin and a short pulse of light and laser is released. The hand piece is then moved to the neighbouring area and the process is repeated until the entire area is treated.

Am I suitable for treatment?

Most people are suitable for treatment. We recommend a full consultation with one of our qualified nurses to ascertain your suitability and tailor the treatment to your needs.

How does the treatment feel?

Treatment can be mildly uncomfortable but no anaesthesia is required and most people describe the discomfort as moderate and acceptable.

What can I expect after the treatment?

Redness and a slight warming sensation are normal after treatment. A cooling pack is applied after treatment to calm the skin. You may see a darkening of any pigmented spots before they flake off, leading to a more even skin tone. Tightening of the skin should increase over the following months as new collagen is produced within the dermis.

How long does each treatment take?

Treatment times can vary but typically take between 20 to 45 minutes.

How many treatments are necessary?

Treatments are carried out every 2 to 3 weeks and 6 to 8 treatments are recommended for best results. Thereafter, top-up sessions are performed as required, but typically once or twice a year.

Are there any side effects?

The skin may be quite red and swollen after treatment but this usually subsides quickly. Most people experience no side effects and any skin reaction usually disappears within a few hours.

Consultation procedure

Prior to treatment, one of our qualified nurses will conduct a consultation and take your medical history in confidence to confirm whether you are suitable for treatment. This is also a good opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have. Before treatment commences you must provide your written consent.